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Disability Transportation

All New Beginnings Ltd are excited to announce that we have taken delivery of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, this is a new service that will allow people who have mobility issues to have greater independence.

North Lanarkshire

Due to the expansion of the company All New Beginnings Ltd. is pleased to announce that we will now be offering Services in North Lanarkshire, this will now mean that we will be cover the whole of Lanarkshire.

Care Inspector

We recently had an impromptu visit from the Care Inspector, this visit went extremely well for our first visit.

Recruitment & Training

All New Beginnings Ltd. is currently on a recruitment drive which coincides with our expansion into North Lanarkshire. Anyone in interested in a rewarding career in North or South Lanarkshire then please call the Office on 01555 668580 or email


Here at All New Beginnings Ltd. we pride ourselves on the care and support that we give to our service users in the community. Our staff members carry out a demanding role and we as employers like to show our staff the appreciation for carrying out the role that they do and the service that they provide. Because of this we believe that paying above the living wage should be compulsory. All New Beginnings Ltd. has paid above the living wage since the company started but we are now proud to announce that we have become accredited as a Living Wage Employer. We join the movement of thousands of organisations, businesses and people, across Scotland and the whole of the UK, who believe that a hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay.

Events Transportation

All New Beginnings Ltd. provide transportation for friends and family members to attend functions, family gatherings. This will include pick ups, drop offs and the support worker to attend if required during the outing.