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Making sure we're providing 5-star personal care services

All New Beginnings can help you access funding for home care services. Contact our team in Hamilton to find out more today.

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Our Personal Care Reviews Carried Out for You

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It’s a natural part of life that people change over time and it’s important to make sure that the right kind of care and assistance evolves alongside you.

Please view the timelines below of our personal care reviews carried out for you:

  • After one week, a care manager or director will call to see how things are going, and if any changes or enhancements are needed to the care we provide.

  • After one month, a care manager or director will call again.

  • After 3 months a care manager or director will call or arrange a home visit to have a chat about the care experience.

  • After six months, there will be a full review with a care manager, director and/or health professionals.

  • After nine months, we will arrange a telephone call from the care manager or director.

We're Always Listening To Feedback

In addition to the times, we have set out to check on care provision, our clients must know they can speak to us at any point if there are concerns or extra needs relating to care. Please get in touch at any point if you would like to do so.

Every 3 months we will send out questionnaires to our service users. Feedback provided is given anonymously. This is another tool that we deploy to make sure our services are meeting the fluid nature of your personal care requirements.

We look forward to undertaking the reviews with our service users. These findings, together with your feedback and updates, form the proactive care package that we provide at All New Beginnings.

Would you like to discuss a care plan? Contact All New Beginnings in Hamilton today to see how we can help you.

Call 01555 668580
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