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Elderly woman chatting to carer

Therapy treatments

At All New Beginnings, we provide our users with information about a range of therapy treatments which may be beneficial. Contact our team in Hamilton to find out more.

Senior man doing running training with physiotherapist in nursing home

Resources to equip you - as knowledge is power!

Please note the information on this page is for your enjoyment and information and All New Beginnings in no way endorses or backs up claims made in the therapy videos. If you are interested in booking in any of the therapies outlined, please message us and we will start a dialogue.

Dementia - Together Again

We know that dementia can be a frightening and lonely place. And dementia doesn’t just affect the person with the diagnosis – spouses or partners, and surrounding family and friends are all impacted too.

This animation explores those feelings of being lost in dementia – and how the support and guidance of an Admiral Nurse can help bring people back together again.

These Kids Have an Important Job - BBC Stories

In a care home in Walthamstow, North-East London, you will find babies, toddlers and elderly residents singing and playing musical instruments together. Louise Goulden founded the “Together Project” while on maternity leave to bring young and old together, help reduce loneliness and have a positive impact on those residents who have dementia.

Produced and filmed by Rob Brown

Music Therapy -
Power Of Music on The Brain

If you had to make a playlist of your life, what would be on it? And if, toward the end of your life, your mind and memories were fading away, would this soundtrack help bring them back? This video takes you inside an extraordinary new program that reveals that personalised playlists can re-awaken the brains of people with advanced dementia and even allow people with severe Parkinson’s to unfreeze and move.

Along the way we look more deeply at the power of music in all our lives – why is it so emotional, so memorable and so powerful that even when much of the brain is gone, music can bring it alive?

Pet Therapy - Marley The Amazing Therapy Dog

Marley was a Puli – a cool-looking dog with dreadlocks. He was an agility and herding dog but excelled as a therapy dog being one of the favourites at Phoenix Children’s Hospital over 10 years ago when this video was made by Discovery Channel. The video is about a research project done by a child who had had cancer on the effects of pet therapy for children undergoing chemotherapy. Marley made so many children smile when often all else failed.

Colour Therapy - The Secret to Healing Your Body with Colour

Colour therapy offers specific colours or levels of vibrations to specific parts of the body to regenerate and rejuvenate areas that are diseased, or that are experiencing blocked or restricted energy. Often at times, the body needs only slight additional input of one or more colour vibrations out of sync due to poor diet, excessive toxicity, emotional tension, anxiety, and general improper care.

One method is to choose the colour which provides us with the power we need and then absorb that particular colour.

Art Therapy - What To Expect in Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a supportive and beneficial therapy that can help people process their thoughts and emotions around their cancer experience. Research shows that Art Therapy can help reduce symptoms related to pain and anxiety and in this instance is demonstrated with patients with cancer.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Making Sense of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is one of the most common treatments for a range of mental health problems including anxiety, depression, and OCD. This animation explains the basics and how you can decide whether it’s best for you or not.

Interested in any of the therapy treatments you see listed? Contact All New Beginnings for an informal chat with a member of our team.
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